CyberWatch - a Blue Crush™ initiative


CyberWatch is being developed by the Memphis Police Department as part of our continuing effort to make our neighborhoods safer. It will provide useful information about public safety and additional ways for the public to communicate with police. CyberWatch allows users to select a reporting radius based on either an address or an intersection, and receive a CyberWatch report via daily email.

What does CyberWatch do?

At present, CyberWatch provides a daily report with information in two areas:

  • Reported Crimes within the defined radius for the past 30 days including:
    • suspect information and
    • method of operation used in selected crimes
  • Outstanding arrest warrants within the selected radius, with links to:
    • the Shelby County Sheriff’s warrant information website for citizen’s to provide tips about wanted individuals and
    • photos of the wanted party.
Individuals obtaining information from this website should verify accuracy through appropriate entities prior to use. Information provided should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. The Memphis Police Department (MPD) provides this interface as a public service. However, the MPD reserves the right to limit access in order to ensure access for all users.